Complete Asset Management – Increase Business Productivity & Revenue


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AMI Group

Businesses all over are starting to recognise the importance of asset management and keeping on top of workers and asset performance etc. Abuse comes in many forms but it always increases the fleet operator’s risk, liability, and expenses. Our units have been developed to ensure complete asset management it has even been proven to increase business revenue by 21%. Many diverse industries rely upon AMI solutions to maximise asset performance whilst controlling costs. Our location-based monitored and reporting solutions are used by chemical processing plants, utilities, manufacturing, IT, transportation and haulage, shipping and many other sectors.

They can be used to help you overcome or identify problems in asset movement and location, manage your business more efficiently, mitigate asset losses and even increase revenues. The systems allow you to manage resources more efficiently for increases in productivity, improved customer services and potential savings in fleet operation costs. The AMI Nexis platform also allows for accurate billing procedures for fleet owners through keenly traced run time of assets and other means.

We help businesses in a multitude of ways. For instance, we monitor fluid levels in chemical tanks, we track containers and manage stock, to name a few solutions. We also help reduce fuel costs with better route planning and maintenance scheduling. We help many of our customers save tens of thousands of pounds by making savings in areas that they don’t even realise existed. From the outset, we work alongside you to help identify the ways in which our location-based monitored solutions can help your organisation.

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