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Since 2004 AMI Group have been leading Developers and Suppliers of Technologically Advanced and Innovative Location Based Solutions. AMI offer secure location management and security services for a complete range of applications.

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Asset Tracking

Asset tracking specifically designed for plant and machinery with industry-leading battery life of up to 20 years.

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For well over 10 years, AMI Group has helped plant hirers, construction companies and SME’s UK-wide to protect their plant fleets against theft, saving them tens of thousands of pounds in the process. Industry-wide, just 10% of stolen plant is successfully recovered, but a remarkable 100% of stolen equipment protected with a covertly installed AMI tracking device has been successfully recovered.

Our Asset Track (AT) range is battery-operated and utilises advanced GSM, cell site triangulation and RF technologies. Designed to be extremely compact enabling covert installation, we have not had one instance of a covertly installed AT device being successfully removed from a stolen item of plant to avoid detection. The AT range has a battery life of up to 20 years (30% better than competitive products) and utilises highly sensitive assisted GPS positioning accurate to within 1 metre. The AT range reports to and is visible via the AMI Nexis software platform and is backed up by a designated team of finders UK wide.

Asset Tracking in action


GSM, RF & LBS Technologies

Utilising advanced GSM, RF and LBS cell technologies, AMI Asset Track provides the ability to track and trace plant machinery and other assets utilising an inbuilt Radio Frequency beacon, relaying real-time information on its location via the mobile network.

Once the location is confirmed via LBS cell positioning, a nominated finder is dispatched to the location with RF finding equipment. This equipment allows our finders to locate stolen assets within just one metre of its position – whether it is located indoors, outdoors or hidden within a container or vehicle!

IP67 Waterproof Protection

AMI Asset Track is IP67 rated for water, dust and oil ingress protection. This means that it can handle the rigours of everyday activities such as jet washing.

There have even been instances where our AT units have successfully functioned even whilst submerged in a metre of water. Optional movement and inbuilt tamper alerts keep our tracking devices even more secure.

National Finder Network

At AMI Group, we have a nationwide network of dedicated finders who are specially trained to physically assist you and the Police in the recovery of stolen assets. So in the event that your plant machinery or other assets are stolen, there is absolutely no need to send your own employees to areas of potential conflict and danger.

Since 2005, we have carried out over 400 recoveries using Radio Frequency beacon technology. We utilise RF beacon technology when a device is locked away in a garage, container or another concealed location whereby it cannot be located via GPS.

24/7 Monitoring

Our asset tracking systems are fully managed and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In the event of one of your assets being stolen, the AMI Monitoring Station will liaise direct with our designated finder network and notify you once the asset is safely recovered.

This ‘fix and forget’ service allows you total peace of mind in the knowledge that your assets are secure.

Industry-Leading Battery Life

As the AMI AT range has no external wires or antennae to trace, it remains small, discreet and fully secure at all times. It is easily installed and can be transferred between assets within minutes, putting you in full control.

With its own highly powered internal battery, the AT range offers industry-leading battery life of up to 20 years before a service is required.


The AMI Asset Track, wire free tracking devices offers you superb versatility, enabling you to transfer the system from machine to machine and allowing you to protect multiple types of assets against theft.

We fit our tracking devices to a vast range of equipment, including Non-Powered Assets, Tower Lights, Generators, Excavators, Dumpers, Chipping Spreaders, Trailers, Boats, Plant and Agricultural Machinery, Caravans, Motorcycles, Containers and Goods in Transit, and much more…

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