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Since 2004 AMI Group have been leading Developers and Suppliers of Technologically Advanced and Innovative Location Based Solutions. AMI offer secure location management and security services for a complete range of applications.

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Fleet Management

AMI Sky View - The Cost-Effective Way To Run Your Fleet Utilising GPS Fleet Management Technology. Fleet Tracking and Management Has Never Been So Affordable

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With the ever increasing cost of running a fleet of commercial vehicles and the soaring price of fuel, AMI Group has developed the Sky View system which represents the very latest in GPS fleet management technology and has been designed to aid the daily running of your assets, giving you complete visibility over the entire fleet.
The system is centred around Microsoft’s latest Bing mapping displaying each vehicle’s current location, direction of travel and speed. This enables you to view the movement of your entire fleet at a glance. Please see below a more detailed list of features from the AMI Sky View GPS fleet management solution.

Fleet Management in action

How it works

Each vehicle or asset is fitted with an AMI Sky View device which is capable of monitoring digital specific events such as ignition on/off, vehicle moving, vehicle idle and additional user defined telemetry devices.

The vehicle position is triangulated using GPS satellite technology and converted to longitude and latitude co-ordinates. This longitude and latitude information, along with other data, is transmitted in a small data packet via the GPRS network direct to the servers in our data centre. The AMI Sky View servers then collate and disseminate the data packets and convert them using reverse geo-coding technology into place names and position the units on a digital map. The information is then accessed by the user logged onto the AMI Sky View web servers, which in turn display all requested information in real time via the user panel.

The Sky View software clearly displays the exact route being taken by the asset and shows the asset’s current location, direction of travel and current speed using the very latest Microsoft mapping.


Live Customer Interface

Our unique AMI Nexis customer interface can be accessed via the internet 24/7. Designed to be mobile friendly, it can be accessed by iPhones, iPads and other wireless devices in the office or out on site.

The software clearly pinpoints all of the customer’s assets across the UK. This can be split down by depot or regional level and provides a complete overview of a customer’s asset base. It provides the opportunity to identify any irregularities or assets being used in an incorrect manner or location.


Using our AMI Nexis online platform, you can utilise advanced GPS technology and the very latest Google street level mapping to view the exact position of an asset, as well as accessing important data such as current ignition and battery status. Historic reports of journeys can also be instantly accessed, including snail trails and speed travelled.

AMI Nexis also has the ability to display a range of optional analogue and digital inputs including temperature and fuel level sensors. With plant theft being such a lucrative business, thieves are going to astonishing lengths to hide stolen equipment and this is where our systems lead the market. Nexis has an integrated powerful GPS engine and utilises cell site triangulation to monitor assets worldwide.


Dependent upon the intended usage of an asset, our tracking systems can be remotely configured to set up a geo-zone, either by time or by the asset’s ignition state. In the event that the equipment leaves a site unauthorised or outside designated hours, your nominated contact will receive alerts 24/7.

When equipment leaves the geo-zone, the system enters an alerted state and its location and other events are communicated via e-mail and/or text, both to ourselves at AMI Group and the nominated customer contacts. The AMI Nexis software clearly displays the exact route taken by the asset, as well as direction of travel and speed using the very latest Google commercial mapping.

Servicing Manager

We realise that it is extremely important to strictly adhere to manufacturers’ servicing schedules to keep equipment in warranty. Our Servicing Manager feature can automatically alert you when assets are due for a service, thus reducing the risk of missing any service intervals and saving considerable time and money by preventing unnecessary journeys to ascertain an asset’s current running hours.

The system also provides access to journey and utilisation data, enabling you to check that the machine is functioning correctly and efficiently.

Saving you money

Every year millions of pounds are lost through ineffective fleet management and vehicle misuse. This could be down to a number of factors, such as the use of out-of-date systems or procedures or a lack of understanding of the alternatives available..

Using AMI Nexis fleet management systems, you can monitor vehicle activity and verify timesheets and hours worked. Our systems can help you plan the most cost-efficient routes, dispatch the nearest required vehicles and provide proof of attendance and compliance with service levels. Many of our customers use these systems to help reduce their fuel costs, reduce their carbon footprint or enhance productivity.


With AMI Nexis, each user has instant access to a comprehensive suite of management reports. Reports can be generated for Asset Location, Daily Usage, Violations, Geofence Locations, Utilisation, Out of Hours Usage, Servicing Manager, Engine Hours and much more.

What’s more, we have a team of in-house programmers so can build custom reports to meet your exact needs.

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