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Since 2004 AMI Group have been leading Developers and Suppliers of Technologically Advanced and Innovative Location Based Solutions. AMI offer secure location management and security services for a complete range of applications.

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Lone Worker Tracking

Providing personal protection for vulnerable people

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The AMI Guardian+ allows employers and carers to see a GPS pinpoint location of an individual at the touch of a button, ensuring that individual is never really alone. It is designed to protect and monitor those who are either working in dangerous environments or need additional support. With highly advanced GPS tracking, Guardian+ allows employers and carers to maintain contact with individuals at all times. In addition to this the Guardian+ allows for an alarm to be raised through the inbuilt SOS button.

No bigger than the size of car key fob, Guardian+ is just 35g in weight and can be easily carried, placed on a lanyard or put on a key ring. IP rated and in a tough housing the Guardian+ is a sustainable solution. With express charge thanks to the USB charging dock, recharging typically takes just an hour. As with all our systems this unit contains a multi-roaming sim card with worldwide coverage and use of the strongest network in any area at any given time, ensuring the device always has the strongest signal.

Lone Worker Tracking in action


Lone Worker Solution

The state-of-the-art device is suitable for use across a range of sectors, including construction, agriculture and forestry, health and social care, retail as well as anyone working in remote locations. Guardian+ can help organisations meet their legal obligations as the law requires employers to consider carefully, and then deal with, any health and safety risks for people working alone. Procedures must be put in place to monitor lone workers as effective means of communication are essential.

Guardian+ allows employers to maintain contact with their colleagues at all times and can assist them in times of trouble. It’s a very small, discreet device, but it’s highly cost-effective and is packed full of features. Up to five telephone numbers can be entered to receive alerts when employees stray too far, fall or press the SOS button. Text alerts provide street locations and clickable high tech map links; the device can even make and receive two way voice calls. A great feature is that a huge range of alerts and functions can be customised to meet the needs of individual organisations.

Solution for People at Risk

Guardian+ is designed for the personal protection of those at risk, such as the elderly and those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The unit can be tailored to each individual’s needs and it can assist in times of trouble such as wandering emergencies. It can offer huge benefits for the elderly and people with dementia or Alzheimer’s, especially if it is introduced early on in their care. It can enable people to live independently for longer, reduce stress on both carers and the individuals themselves and potentially enhance their quality of life.

It’s a very small, discreet device, but it’s highly cost-effective and is packed full of features. A ‘geofence’ area can be set up and up to five telephone numbers can be entered to receive alerts when individuals stray outside this area, fall or press the SOS button. Text alerts provide street locations and clickable high tech map links; the device can even make and receive two way voice calls. It can help to keep loved ones safe and well.

Solution for Children

Guardian+ is designed to help keep children safe. AMI’s new Guardian+ tracking system utilises advanced GPS technology to enable parents and guardians to pinpoint the location of children anytime and anywhere. The Guardian+ system enables parents and guardians to maintain contact with children at all times and it also allows children to raise an SOS alarm in the event of an emergency. Guardian+ is available in a selection of colours.

Guardian+ is ideal if you need to react quickly to find a missing child, whether you’re on holiday, on a trip out or if the child is on their way home from school. The great advantage of this device is that it can be tailored to individual needs and you can set perimeters and receive alerts if your child travels outside of these boundaries. It can give parents and guardians peace of mind in the case of wandering children, those with behavourial problems or in the very unfortunate event of child abductions.

Nexis Platform

The AMI Nexis platform is the next generation of tracking technology and asset management offering all the features and benefits of GSM, LBS Cell and GPS satellite tracking. Nexis provides full management of individual assets via our online secure web portal.

Here the user can monitor assets and has access to a suite of reports. Operating in real time it provides a means to fully utilise your fleet and help reduce business costs by increasing productivity, bettering customer service, and reducing machine downtime and associated running costs therefore improving residual values. Nexis can be used to ensure you fully utilise your assets at all times.


Nexis provides you with the option to view a devices exact position using GPS combined with the latest street level mapping, you can also view the assets current ignition and battery status with historic reports of journeys made including snail trails and speed travelled.

Nexis also has the ability to display a large variety of optional analogue and digital inputs including temperature and fuel level sensors.
With plant theft being such a lucrative business thieves are going to astonishing lengths to hide stolen equipment, this is where Livetrack leads the market. Nexis has an integrated powerful GPS engine and utilises cell site triangulation to monitor an assets location worldwide.


Dependent upon the assets intended usage Nexis Plant Tracking solutions can be remotely configured to set a geo-zone either by time or by the assets ignition state. This enables Nexis to notify a designated contact in the event of an asset leaving a site unauthorised or out of designated hours via automated alerts 24/7.

Nexis will then go into an alerted state and start relaying its location and other events to both the Nexis system and any nominated customer contacts via email and or text.
In this instance the Nexis software will clearly display the exact route being taken by the asset and show the assets current location, direction of travel, and current speed using the very latest high tech mapping.

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