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Since 2004 AMI Group have been leading Developers and Suppliers of Technologically Advanced and Innovative Location Based Solutions. AMI offer secure location management and security services for a complete range of applications.

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Bike Tracking

The Very Latest Motorcycle Tracking Utilising GPS and RF Technology and the UK’s Largest Designated Finder Network

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Motorcycles are far easier to hide than larger vehicles and we offer tracking solutions to enhance security and offer you total peace of mind that you can recover it in the event that your bike is stolen.

So whether you own a high-powered sports model or a vintage classic, we can help you protect it against theft, with proactive alerting. Our Radio Frequency technology can be utilised if a stolen bike is hidden away in a shipping container, underground car park, lock-up or another location where GPS may not work.

Bike Tracking in action


Nexis Platform

AMI Nexis is our online secure software platform used in conjunction with our tracking devices. It empowers you with a wealth of information to help locate and manage assets efficiently and safely. Incorporating all the features and benefits of GSM, LBS Cell and GPS satellite tracking technology, the Nexis platform gives you full control and visibility of your plant or vehicle fleets.

Operating in real time, it provides a means to fully utilise your fleet and help reduce business costs by increasing productivity, enhancing customer service and reducing machine downtime and associated running costs, therefore improving residual values.


Using our AMI Nexis online platform, you can utilise advanced GPS technology and the very latest high tech street level mapping to view the exact position of an asset, as well as accessing important data such as current ignition and battery status. Historic reports of journeys can also be instantly accessed, including snail trails and speed travelled.

AMI Nexis also has the ability to display a range of optional analogue and digital inputs including temperature and fuel level sensors. With plant theft being such a lucrative business, thieves are going to astonishing lengths to hide stolen equipment and this is where our systems lead the market. Nexis has an integrated powerful GPS engine and utilises cell site triangulation to monitor assets worldwide.


AMI Nexis tracking devices are amongst the most compact in the industry, yet we have still been able to integrate the powerful ability to remotely immobilise an asset in the event of a theft or loss. Once an asset is immobilised, the AMI control centre will liaise directly with the Police, our customer and our finder network to ensure a speedy recovery.

As there are no external antennas, Nexis remains extremely discreet, and with the option of an iButton and optical reader, Nexis can be programmed to only let an asset start when an approved key is presented.

No external aerials or antennas

With no external aerials or antennas Nexis is increasingly difficult to locate. This makes it the perfect choice for smaller assets such as motorcycles, quadbikes, cars, and even dirt bikes!

National Finder Network

At AMI Group, we have a nationwide network of dedicated finders who are specially trained to physically assist you and the Police in the recovery of stolen assets. So in the event that your plant machinery or other assets are stolen, there is absolutely no need to send your own employees to areas of potential conflict and danger.

Since 2005, we have carried out over 400 recoveries using Radio Frequency beacon technology. We utilise RF beacon technology when a device is locked away in a garage, container or another concealed location whereby it cannot be located via GPS.

Tow Away Detection System

AMI Nexis can be remotely configured to set a geo-zone by the device’s ignition state. This is known as our ‘Tow Away Detection System’ and it enables us to notify a designated contact in the event of a device leaving its home unauthorised or out of designated hours via automated messages.

When equipment leaves the geo-zone, the system enters an alerted state and its location and other events are communicated via e-mail and/or text, both to ourselves at AMI Group and the nominated customer contacts. The AMI Nexis software clearly displays the exact route taken by the asset, as well as direction of travel and speed using the very latest high tech mapping.

Inbuilt Intelligence and Proactive Alerting

When the ignition on an asset is turned off, AMI Nexis intelligently autosets by two methods - geofencing and electronic movement sensors. Both features are customisable and programmable and alerts are sent via SMS text and/or email to designated personnel.

A fully customisable geofence of any size and shape is automatically set around the asset it is attached to. If movement is detected outside this set area, AMI Nexis will alert designated personnel automatically. Our designated hours feature also allows users to define the period that the asset should be operational. For example if this is set between the hours of 8am and 6pm, any ignition operation or movement outside of the defined hours will alert designated personnel.

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