Flexible GPS Tracking for vehicles
and machinery

GPS Tracking

Live GPS data, right when you need it!

Asset Tracking has always been at the heart of Nexis, and it’s clear when you dive into our GPS Tracking Map Screen. Loaded from any internet enabled browser Nexis provides a complete overview of your entire fleet, with key journey history playback obtained by GPS satellites. Powerful business data at the click of a button!

  • Exact GPS locations for all of your assets
  • Live ignition on / off data
  • Key journey playback
  • “Follow this vehicle” feature
  • Key speed and route playback features

Telematics Reporting

GPS data is only a small part of Nexis, with our suite of bespoke and tailormade telematic reports it’s never been easier to
view key data and analytics remotely for any asset.

Nexis clearly highlights an assets usage and displays this data to the user, breaking down usage based on individual assets or the entire fleet! By hour, day, month or even year! Keeping you in control of asset servicing plus unauthorized usage.

Adhering to manufacturer approved servicing is essential for any business, that’s why the Nexis servicing manager will monitor usage (both miles traveled + hours used) to clearly and precisely display critical usage of your fleet. Not only will Nexis collect this data for you, but it will also notify you when an asset is approaching manufacturers recommended service schedules and they are adhered too.

Asset usage and reporting are critical for a business, that’s why Nexis not only records and alerts users based on ignition on or off activity but also if the assets engine is on or off. This is especially important for excessive idle reporting or a visual indication, or even if an asset is being used or just sat with only the ignition on!

We understand that not all fleets are company vehicles, and have incorporated fuel tank monitoring and the monitoring of remote fluid tanks into Nexis. This can be used to actively monitor fuel levels of any type of fluid depending on your business requirement.

Utilisation Reporting

If you operate a fleet of company vehicles or a vast hire business asset utilisation is highly important, and Nexis has a powerful utilisation engine to highlight fleet utilisation based on a standard (or customisable) working week. Not only will it show an overall utilisation % but it can also break down the utilisation of specific assets or asset types.

Immobilisation & Geo-zone

Nexis has inbuilt immobilisation features to remotely disable any asset when required by the user, this can be done at the touch of a button or via an automated schedule. For example, you can choose to immobilise any asset when required or create a schedule to immobilise an asset at 6pm every day and un immobilise every morning at 7am.

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Did you know? AMI customers rely on this to ensure no company assets are used outside of authorized working hours, for both security and a reduction in fuel!

Nexis will automatically carry out this request via GPRS when instructed by the user.

Nexis has also made is easy to create geo-zones and prohibited locations, by simply clicking on the map. You can create within Nexis any desired shape or size of geo-zone which the user can then assign to an asset.

This can be an employee’s home address or a site location, and Nexis will alert you of any movement in or out of the geo-zone.

Did you know? Geo-zones can be created to only be active at set times (for example 8am – 6pm) or active 24/7. The same logic can be applied to a specific day or date range.


User Alerts

Email, SMS or Push Notification, Nexis has you covered! Key alerts are sent directly to key designated personnel keeping you in control. Alerts can be created for unauthorised usage, power loss, Geo-zone infraction’s, attempted theft of an asset, speeding and much more.


1. Battery Powered Tracking Devices

AT Mini

The AT Mini is our smallest battery powered GPS tracking device, designed to be quickly and discreetly installed onto your assets!

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Designed for rough and rugged environments, the AMI AT3 is a small battery powered device encapsulated in indestructible resin for ultimate protection. Nick named “The Rock” the AT3 can be fitted to a multitude of assets and be exposed to the harshest operations conditions.

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The AMI AT5 is the industry leading battery powered asset tracking and after theft recovery device, nothing else comes close. With a huge battery life of 6,000 GPS pings, cell site GSM triangulation and a powerful RF beacon backed finder network the AT5 is the right choice for asset protection.

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2. Hard Wired Tracking Devices

VT100 – Self installed vehicle tracking

Powerful vehicle tracking designed around our 2-wire installation, simply installed in minutes and suitable for a large variety of assets. The ease of fitment has made this VT100 the go to fleet tracking device for ever changing fleets.

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OBD – Self Installed vehicle tracking

Plug & Play vehicle tracking has never been easier, works straight out of the box and comes pre-configured and ready to use. Compatible with industry standard OBDII ports fitted to 99% of vehicles AMI’s OBD Tracker is perfect for a swift fit and forget installation. Quick turn over of vehicles or short-term hires? Not a problem, just unplug the device and utilise again when required.

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VT202 Hard Wired Vehicle / Asset Tracking

Our flagship GPS Tracker with a host of accessories and additional features to suit your ever-changing requirements. Complete will all of the AMI features our customers enjoy with the additional benefits of Immobilisation, Driver ID (Keypad, Driver Card or iButton Key), Wireless Temperature Sensors, Panic Buttons, volumetric sensors and much more.

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